Fulling, Felting and Zipper Pulls

I was asked the other day what ‘fulled’ fabric is. Some of the garment patterns are listing it now as suggested fabric for certain designs. So.. most of us are familiar with what felted means; big upsurge in this in the last few years; but rarely do we see real felt which is the result of what happens to a fleece – or a collection of loose fibers. The fibers are treated in such a way as to force them to mesh into a tight, dense ‘fabric’. It’s actually the cuticle of the wool fibers that stand up ( friction ) and lock together. Felt used to be produced by placing a wool fleece under the saddle of the horse until the fibers ‘felted’. Fulling is what happens to a fabric (usually a knit) when the fibers are forced to mesh. I can’t believe it’s almost October. Remember the July READ MORE