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Timeless and Classic

French women don’t get fat eating those wonderful pastries because they don’t eat five of them. They only need to eat a small one to be satisfied because good pastries have flavor and texture, not just sugar.

They are Timeless and Classic. I asked a French (woman) pastry chef about this the other day, (at Opera Cake school), and she said she thought I was right. Interesting note: she had never thought about that before. 

classic shoes
trendy shoes

Decor is a lot like this. Good design — which is Timeless and Classic — will satisfy your design palate more than a whole lot of trendy.  We know this to be true for clothing, too. A good pair of classic shoes will last longer, and fit into more trendy outfits, than a pair of cheapo this-season-must-have shoes. Buy a cheapo trendy bag instead. 

chanel bag

In the True Colour Experts world, there is a bit of a saying, “Timeless and Classic is boring.” Wow, that’s something to aspire to, isn’t it?  But think about it for a minute. A white subway tile backsplash isn’t exciting, it isn’t a focal point in the kitchen, it doesn’t holler “Look at ME, look at ME”.

bad backsplash
white backsplash

But it sure as heck will support almost any design style you choose for the room, it won’t need to be changed in five years because it’s dated and the colour will never go out of style. Isn’t that, after all, what Timeless and Classic is all about?

The purple leather sofa?  Not Timeless and Classic. The black leather sofa? Yes, Timeless and Classic. (As long as it isn’t of the stuffed-sausage style). 

purple leather sofa
black leather sofa

The dark dark dark floor? Not Timeless and Classic. The mid-tone brown wood floor? You got it.

dark wood floor2
brown wood floor

Here is another example. Client wanted panache. Wanted a statement. But the drapes in question were going to be wall to wall, floor to ceiling.  The bedspread was spectacular; it was an ‘oooohhhhh’ thing.

red bedroom drrapes
beige window drapes

After a bit of a chat, the homeowner saw that a wall of statement drapery would completely overshadow the bed. The drapes would be the most important element in the room. So we opted for textured linen drapes in a colour matching the walls. The result? Spectacular.

The drapes supported and enhanced the feel and mood of the bed. And should the client ever decide to change the bedspread, she knows that she won’t have to change the drapes.

Timeless and Classic. Less is More.

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