Trust Yourself. Please.

I was doing my due diligent reading in preparation for the color forecast column and I came across a blog talking about interior design trends for 2012. Interesting stuff. But what caught my eye was a comment, way down the comments section, from a gal who said  she had seen some blown glass lamps she loved but was hesitant to buy them. However, based on what the blog said, she was confident enough that the lamps were OK, trend-wise, and that she would go ahead and buy them. 
I had a client whose entertainment unit was in the wrong place in the room; the sun shone on the TV screen and everyone who passed through the room had to walk between the TV and the sofa. She said that the unit had to stay where it was because that is where the cable connection was situated. After I asked her what Interior Design training the cable installer had, she realized that she had allowed the installer to  dictate furniture placement in her room.  We got the cable connection re-located, moved the entertainment unit and  the room became much more user-friendly.
I know a young professional couple who have a beautiful home. It could be right out of Elle Decor and it is stunning in its minimalist esthetic. It’s disquieting, though, when one realizes there are no books, other than the three carefully chosen  coffee table books. There are no pictures of family or friends anywhere. The wall art is all of the same genre, all the same mono-chromatic color scheme. All the frames and mats match. There is no evidence, in the public spaces, that two children live in the home. There is no personal style evident anywhere. The decorator created a show home but the young couple don’t have a family home. 
The most important part of my job is to listen to my clients. Most of the time, all you really want is someone to listen to you, and help you define your vision. I tell you all, over and over, that you need to trust your instincts and do what is right for  you and your family. It is your home, not mine, not another decorators. I will help you attain your vision, but it must be YOUR vision.
As we start another year, I wish you all the very best that life can bring.

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