What do I know?

The other day a dinner companion asked me what it was that I do. She said,” What is it that you know that a non-decorator doesn’t know?” I thought it was a peculiar question at first, and then I realized it was a very valid question. Just what is it that I DO know, anyway. I mean, stuff that you can’t get on Youtube or through Doctor Google. So I sat down and came up with this list. It’s not everything I know. Good grief, that would take at least 1000 words, and I only have 450 to use here. So here is the abridged version of what I know. I think it’s fairly indicative of what a workroom-owner/operator – slash –  interior decorator would /should know.

I know how to find odd-sized curtain rods. Or very long rods, or rods to fit into a bay, around a corner,  or into an arched window. And I know how to hang them.

I know where to find odd curtain rings, rod component parts and curtain rod cord that you can’t find in a fabric store.

I know how to find specialty fabrics like solar shade fabric so you can make your own window screens.

wrap-around curtain rod

inova channel track
The brackets for these rods don’t interfere with the movement of the drapes. Around a bay is no problem.

I know how to make special-sized cushion forms and I have access to people who can custom-make down-filled forms.

I know how to make any kind of fabric window covering, cushion or bedding you can think of, or you can draw.

matress cushionscushion roomoutdoor cushions huge

I know how to make a slipcover for your sofa or chair that will look like a re-upholstery job.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 5.42.07 AM

I know the features and benefits of all the types of window coverings so I can help you make an informed decision. ( Scroll through my posts, there are tons of columns here about the different types of window coverings. For a summary of estimated costs read this one.)

I know where to find super-duper or super-long zippers for you do-it-yourselfers.

fouton zipper
A new zip for the futon

I know how to arrange  and hang a grouping of pictures so there are no extra holes in the walls —  so you get it right the first time. ( Two different posts there, check out each for the whole story.)

I know how to help you define your vision, and I know how to help you design a plan that will make your vision a reality.

I know how to help you choose the right colors for either the inside or the outside of your home.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 5.43.07 AM

I know how to help you arrange furniture to best utilize your space.

tvroom3 (1)


I know how to make you feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Read that here.

Well, it’s a start. I’m sure I’ve left off something really important, but I think this pretty much covers the basics.


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