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Staging makes you money

How to sell your home 30% faster.   Well, that caught your eye, didn’t it? ‘Days on the Market’  can be a huge problem for homeowners anxious to sell – usually because they are trying to buy another property and must sell the current one.

Oh, and suppose we could get you 8 to 10 percent more money for your sale?   If you are a home-seller, caught in the hurry-up and wait whirlwind that is real estate sales, you might want to read further.  The cost of staging could very well be less than the first price reduction you will face if your home sits on the market too long.   

Advantages of staging

Staging is the process of making the home ready for sale.  Staging is  not so new — been around since 1975 — and, if done correctly, will produce the results it claims.  

Consider, too, that 90 percent of prospective home buyers look at listings  on line and they make the decision to continue looking at the listing within 10 seconds.

A well-staged home will show better in photographs. Period.  

A friend is selling her home and has been looking at what is on the market to purchase. We had a little chat about the process the other day, actually that conversation is the reason for this article. She had removed a lot of pictures from her walls — a start in the staging process — but she didn’t like the feel that resulted, she felt it was too impersonal, and she put the pictures back up.  

Personal is not good here.

This little exercise inadvertently showed her the exact value of staging. A staged home allows the prospective buyer to envision her possessions in the space, there is room for her own personal touch.

A home that is not staged showcases the current owners personal taste.    My friend mentioned that homes she was looking at all seemed so impersonal.  A light bulb went on as we talked. She was going to take the pictures down.  

How do you start?

Talk to your realtor, or call me,  if you are looking for a stager. I know a few good ones in the area who know what they are doing. 

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