Window Covering Costs

I had two potential clients in the last while suffer from the cost of window covering sticker shock. They told me they had no budget but weren’t really concerned, they wanted the best they could get.

That I can help with, says I.  What became clear, very quickly, was that neither client understood that window coverings are rather like tile or carpets. You get what you pay for and the price variance is staggering.

The less expensive one may look like the most expensive one, but the less expensive one may not have any warranty, or guarantee. The color may not be consistent through the product, the material used in construction may off-gas and the sun may damage an inferior product in as little as one season of sun.

And what happens if the cords break – where can you get it repaired, or can you get it repaired?

So, I did some research and here are some really ball-park averages for you. The products I priced range from online budget purchases with no warranty or guarantee up to the higher-end custom-made products with a 7 year or more guarantee and warranty.

These prices are all based on a 12-square-foot blind with similar lifting features.

Metal, 2-inch venetians: ranged from $111.00 to $200.00, average $143.00 each, or $12.00 per square foot.
Wood, 2-inch venetians: ranged from  $108.00 to $600.00, average $225.00, or $19.00 per square foot.
3/4-inch Black-out Honeycomb cordless blinds: range from $100.00 to $600.00, average $293.00 or $24.00 per square foot.
Fabric Roman blinds: based on $30.00/meter fabric: $250.00 or $21.00 per square foot.
Drapes for a patio door: double lining based on fabric of $30.00/meter: $20.00 per square foot, not including the rod.

Considering that a guideline percentage of window to wall in a home is 10 percent, a 2800 square foot home could have about 300 square feet of window. At an average for honeycomb shades of $24.00 per square foot, the total cost for the house could be $7200.00 with a range from $2400.00 to $15,000.00.

The lesson? Decide what you need. Decide how much you can spend. A real general guideline is 5% of the home value is a good starting point for custom-made coverings.  Pick a budget figure. Get the best product you can afford. Tell your window-covering specialist what your budget figure is because keeping it a secret wastes your time and theirs.

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